Double act ISBN: 9780440863342
Wilson, Jacqueline
Published by Corgi Yearling, 1996

Ruby and Garnet are ten year old identical twins. Garnet is the quiet one; Ruby is loud, brash and over-the-top. The story, told in the first person by each twin in turn, is about their adjustment to their mum's death three years earlier and their current adjustment to dad's new girlfriend. Ruby, particularly, is determined to dislike Rose, and both girls set out to make her life grim. Fortunately, Rose is resilient and isn't put off by their pranks. But Ruby goes too far and gets them both into real trouble. She is determined they will both be actresses, and when that idea fails because Garnet is patently unsuitable, she decides they must get scholarships at a famous girls' school - only it is quiet Garnet who gets the scholarship, and Ruby must accept staying at home. Personalities, relationships, a jokey tone with underlying serious intent, make this highly readable. The two girls, so very different, are loyal and loving, and they finally begin to learn to like Rose too. A solid read with numbers of black and white illustrations.
Age: 9+