My stepfamily ISBN: 9781899248247 (hdbk)
Stones, Rosemary and Dickinson, Heather
Published by: 
  • Happy Cat (Talking It Through series), 2000 (ISBN: 9781899248292 (ppbk))
  • (ISBN: 9781899248247 (hdbk))

Kim and her mum have always lived together happily, but when Tim appears on the scene, Kim likes him and is pleased for her mother. Then Tim and his daughter Clare move in. Kim must share her room with the much younger Clare, and she and Clare do not really get along. Clare gets upset easily, and it seems to Kim that she is always given her own way. As adults we can see that Clare is reacting to the move unhappily too, but the story is told from Kim's point of view. On Kim's birthday, she finally sees that her mum and Tim do defend her rights sometimes, and when two girls try to bully Clare in the park, Kim protects her and learns that she is vulnerable and needs an older sister. Nicely drawn, realistic illustrations add greatly to the story.
Age: 5+