The little brother's tale ISBN: 034714514
Ryan, Margaret and Reynolds, Adrian
Published by Hodder (Read Alone series), 1998
Tom is an 'in-betweenie'. Older sister Kate is a complete pain, and when baby sister Annie arrives, Tom sets out, sometimes purposely and sometimes by accident, to cause mayhem. He seems to be constantly sent to his room, but the real problems start when he has to be page boy at Cousin Daisy's wedding. 'Forget it,' he says, but he is over-ruled and must wear a velvet suit with a big floppy bow. He manages to thoroughly wreck the wedding and is sent home in disgrace. Only grandad understands. These short, funny stories about sibling rivalry in the Canterbury family are full of black and white illustrations which add to the fun. While over-the-top, they do relay a lot of what it is like to live in a family.
Age: 6+