All together now ISBN: 9780744578577
Jeram, Anita
Published by Walker, 2001
Useful for either adopted or fostered children, this lovely picture book celebrates the differences in families. Bunny is Mummy Rabbit's first baby, or 'little Honey' as she calls her children. Little Duckling came next, found by Bunny when hatching out, and then Miss Mouse, discovered alone one summer morning. The family all have different talents, and they all look quite different, but the thing they share in common is BIG FEET. They sing a song as part of their games: 'We're the little Honeys. A little Honey is sweet. Quack, quack, squeak, squeak, Thump your great big feet!' The superb illustrations, show a loving, tactile family, and a mum who accepts her children's differences with joy.
Age: 2+