The big sister's tale ISBN: 9780340714508
Ryan, Margaret and Reynolds, Adrian
Published by Hodder (Read Alone series), 1998
Kate's little brother Tom is a thorough pain. Right from the beginning, she finds he cramps her style. Mostly as he gets older, he is embarrassing - wrecking the school nativity play, disappearing in school (found eating crisps in the cloakroom), ruinng her art class. It is on the family holiday to Spain, along with Kate's friend Melanie, that things really come to a head. After a number of embarrassing episodes, Tom goes into the swimming pool with a rubber ring too large for him and almost drowns. Kate saves him, and even Tom is shaken by the strength of everyone's condemnation of his stupidity. Kate is the hero and learns she loves her brother in spite of his silliness. We also see Tom from Melanie's viewpoint, who finds him funny. One of a series of easily read stories about the Canterbury family, having to do with sibling relations. Lots of black and white illustrations make the book accessible.
Age: 6+