Rosa's singing grandfather ISBN: 9780140345872
Rosselson, Leon
Published by Puffin, 1992
Four easily read stories about Rosa and her close relationship to her granddad. In the first story, Rosa goes with her mum and granddad to put flowers on her grandmother's grave, and granddad sings a special song and tells Rosa about how he met grandmother at the opera. Singing is very important to granddad. In the second story he tells Rosa that he was one of eight children, and he learned that he could sing to gain attention. In the third story granddad teaches Rosa a special song to help her get over her fear of the dark - a song that could be used with fearful children, providing that a tune is made up. In the last story granddad has to go to hospital, and Rosa draws him a picture which includes him 'underneath the earth'. Granddad is taken aback, but says he likes the peaceful place she has given him, even though he isn't ready for it just yet. He proves he is better by singing - so loud the whole ward can hear! A wonderful granddad. Rosa can't ever remember having a father, and she is black while mum and granddad are white. Nothing is made of this; only the pictures indicate it. Smashing stories.
Age: 5+