Something secret ISBN: 9780552863391
Rees, Gwyneth
Published by Yearling, 1995

Laura's dad has left for Australia and a new family, so Laura and her Mum are very close. But when Hamish appears in mum's life, Laura begins to feel left out. Furthermore, mum refuses categorically to let Laura join the Guides with her best friend, and Laura senses a mystery from the past - something to do with mum's sister who died in an accident when they were children. Relations between mother and daughter become very tense, not helped by the fact that Laura actually likes Hamish without wanting to. Laura's response to all that is affecting her is very realistic, as are the emotions both of her mum and herself. The book is both humorous and serious, and while the mystery is solved and there is hope that Laura will see more of her dad, there are battles ahead for Laura - a likeable heroine.
Age: 10+