Moses the kitten ISBN: 9780330293174
Herriot, James and Barrett, Peter
Published by: 
  • Michael Joseph, 1984 
  • Piccolo, 1986 (ISBN: 9780330293174)

While on his rounds, James Herriot comes across a tiny black kitten. The day is so cold that it is a miracle the kitten has survived, but the farmer's wife pops the scrap into the oven for warmth, and she is soon feeding it warm milk. The next time James Herriot comes to the farm the farmer shows him Moses happily drinking from a sow's teat, along with a large litter of piglets. The pig treats Moses like one of her own, and Moses stays with the sow even after the piglets are weaned, often rubbing up against her or sitting on the wall over her pen. Lovely, country pictures.
Age: 6+ (some of the language is quite sophisticated)