The second princess ISBN: 9780006644125
Oram, Hiawyn and Ross, Tony
Published by Picture Lions, 1995
The second princess is very unhappy. She wants to be first. So she asks Grey Wolf to gobble up her sister, but he says she is wicked and refuses. Then she asks Brown Bear to marry her sister, but he is already married. The cook agrees to cook the number one princess in a pie, but she must have all the Queen's jewels in payment. The second princess is caught stealing her mum's jewels, and the King and Queen try to get to the bottom of why she has perpetrated this heinous crime. When she finally admits to wanting to be first, 'the world did not come to an end'. Instead, the King proclaims she will be first on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and her sister will be first on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 'and on Sundays we'll all be first'. Clever and colourful as books by these two always are.
Age: 3+