Dog Star ISBN: 9780744559002
Nimmo, Jenny and Milne, Terry
Published by Walker, 1999

This one is magic. Marty and her older sister Clare live with their dad, mum having died years before. Marty wants a dog, but dad has always said no because of their elderly cat. One evening a new neighbour appears - Theresa Tree - and dad is obviously smitten. Clare is very jealous and does all she can to wreck the budding relationship. Meanwhile, Marty has seen the dog star in the sky, and she believes that night that a dog comes to live under her bed. She calls it Star and gives it food and attention although she cannot see it. No one else believes it is a real dog. Clare is so horrible to Theresa that she and their dad break off their relationship, but in a happy ending, Theresa finds Star (a real dog this time) and the magic in the little dog brings everyone together happily. Lovely, soft black and white illustrations. A feel- good story.
Age: 6+