A place for Middle ISBN: 9780340882184
McAllister, Angela and Maland, Nick
Published by Hodder, 2007
This is one for the middle child who is feeling a bit left out. In rhyming couplets and pictures that swoop and sing, we meet Middle, a little monster, who is between Biggest and Smallest, both of whom seem to have purpose and reason for being there. Biggest is tall and good at games, and Smallest is cuddly and needs looking after. Middle tries hard, but things go wrong for him, and he sadly runs away. On his journey, he discovers that middles can be important. Sandwiches need middles and so do bridges, and when his family come to find him, he finds that he is important to them after all. A charming and delightful picture book, full of stunning art work.
Age: 3+