The visitors who came to stay ISBN: 9780744567731
McAfee, Annalena and Browne, Anthony
Published by Walker, 2000
This sophisticated picture book, first published in 1984 is a welcome re-issue. Katy and her dad live a very staid, quiet life. Apart from the occasional weekend visit to mum, life follows the same pattern, and Katy likes it that way. Then Mary and her son Sean enter their lives, and nothing will be the same again. Mary's clothes are everywhere, and Sean plays truly terrible practical jokes. When Katy gets so fed up that she tells dad how she feels, Mary and Sean move out. At first this is a relief, but then Katy realises something is missing from their lives, and all is set fair for a happy ending. Browne's wonderful anarchic illustrations, full of unusual detail - a ballet dancing garden gnome, a fat lady on a brilliant carousel, and, yes, a gorilla - add to the feel of sensuous pleasure, particularly after the colourful Mary and Sean enter the scene.
Age: 6+