Sarah, plain and tall ISBN: 9780744560169
MacLachlan, Patricia
Published by Walker
When papa writes off for a mail order bride to help in their prairie home, Anna and Caleb are full of questions. Since their mother's death the day after Caleb was born, they and their father have coped without a woman's hand, but Caleb constantly asks about their mother, and Anna remembers her with pain. When Sarah arrives from Maine for a months trial, they find her 'plain and tall' as she has written in letters, but also fiercely independent, full of energy, loving, and great fun. The relationship grows steadily, and the happy ending is assured, even though Sarah will always miss Maine and the sea. 'There are always things to miss, no matter where you are.' Full of wisdom and a tender lyricism, this beautifully written short novel provides plenty of hope for a new relationship while acknowledging the sadness that the mother's death has brought about. Outstanding. Winner of the American Newbery Medal.
Age: 7+