Zelda and Ivy ISBN: 9780744569681
Kvasnosky, Laura McGee
Published by Walker, 2000
Zelda and Ivy are fox sisters, Zelda the eldest, and Ivy a rather gullible younger one. Zelda is able to convince Ivy to do all sorts of things she knows she shouldn't - perform tricks on the swing, paint her fluffy tail, and believe in fairy dust. When the chips are down, though, sibling love comes through. The three short stories, full of brightly coloured illustrations, are huge fun, and if Zelda always comes out on top...well, that's big sisters for you! There are two other books in the series: Zelda and Ivy and the boy next door (0744577365); Zelda and Ivy one Christmas (0744582415). The occasional Americanism may need explanation.
Age: 4+