I very really miss you ISBN: 9781845072605
Kemp, Jane, Walters, Clare and Langley, Jonathan
Published by Frances Lincoln, 2006
Sam is very pleased that big brother Ben is going away to camp for a week with his school. They share a room, and with Ben away, Sam won't have to put up with his teasing and play-fighting, his trying to scare him, or - even worse- his ignoring him. It all seems blissful, until Sam begins to realise that life without Ben is really rather boring. Mum suggests that a postcard to Ben might be a good idea, and the message Sam writes is the title of this book. There is a lovely ending when Sam hurtles towards Ben as he gets off the bus, and as they hug, Ben whispers, 'I very really missed you too'. A super reminder that while siblings may be irritating, they can also be close and loving. Fun, cartoon-ish pictures.
Age: 4+