Bug brother ISBN: 9780141307428
Johnson, Pete and Gordon, Mike
Published by Puffin, 2000
Jamie is the older brother by two years, but Harry is taller and physically stronger. Jamie resents his brother, and the rows between them are seriously unpleasant. When Jamie finds a cloak in the woods one day, he pretends it is magic and insists on wearing it all the time. Harry takes it one morning and wears it in the rain, and Jamie is so angry that he wishes his brother is a Bluebottle - and he is! The cloak really is magic when wet, and the funny romp that follows, wherein Jamie and his friend Reema chase the fly all over the neighbourhood and manage to turn Aunt Nora into a garden gnome, as well as their awful neighbour into a dragon, is truly delicious. Of course, everyone gets turned back to their proper selves, the cloak looses its magic after seven wishes, and Jamie and Harry come to a good understanding. The sibling rivalry between the boys is very real and well handled. Ninety pages of large print and black and white illustrations make this an easy read.
Age: 8+