Sun slices, moon slices ISBN: 9780590195775
Geras, Adele and Littlewood, Karin
Published by Little Hippo, 1998

Lewis must got to the childminder every day while his mum goes to work. Maria is very kind, and Lewis enjoys playing with Daisy and Sheena, but he always wants to know exactly when his mum will be collecting him. For lunch, he and Daisy always have sun slices (orange sections) and moon slices (pale green apple sections). The children play happily and help Maria with her shopping, but Lewis is very glad to see mum, and when they go home, he tells her he wants to stay with her next day.. Mum is reassuring, but explains that she must go to work. Lewis makes the best of what is clearly not what he wants. The pictures - watercolour in glowing splodges - are full of character. Lewis and his mum are black.
Age: 2+