The survival of Arno Mostyn ISBN: 9780006750857
Garland, Sarah
Published by Collins, 1996

Arno wants to be a great detective, but he refuses to see what is happening right under his nose. His single mum has begun taking great care over her looks and occasionally she goes out with a new friend. Arno resents this; they have always done things together. When Arno discovers a stolen museum piece in his mum's friend's house, the obvious suspect is Wayne, a newly arrived relative. But Arno wants to suspect Jerome, his mum's new friend, and he tries to convince his fellow detective, Lewis, that Jerome must be the guilty party. In an exciting finish, Wayne proves to be the thief, and Arno must admit his mistake. He also learns that Jerome, while much younger than his mum and seeming to be something of a wimp, has his strengths. A pacy, well written short novel with humour and wit.
Age: 9+