Martha in the middle ISBN: 9781844280254
Fearnley, Jan
Published by Walker, 2008
In the mouse family, Martha is the middle one. Clara is 'big and sensible', and Ben the baby is 'cutesy-wootsey', but Martha feels 'squashed and invisible'. In wonderfully clever and humour-filled illustrations, replete with differentiated text curving round over and under the pictures, we see Martha getting more and more fed up with her situation. When running away (to the end of the garden), she meets a friendly green frog who soon puts her right as to her middle status. The best things are in the middle - the seeds in the sunflowers, the peas in the pod, the nectar in the flowers. Martha rejoins her siblings happily convinced that being in the middle is best of all. The little mice, really children of course, are full of the joys of living, and the book will appeal to everyone, not just 'middles'.
Age: 4+