Grandpa for sale ISBN: 9780972922586
Enderle, Dotti, Sansum, Vicki and Gentry, T. Kyle
Published by Flashlight Press, 2007
The theme of this American story is that you can't buy family love. Lizzie helps dust the antiques in Grandpa's shop while Grandpa snoozes on the Louis XVI settee. When Mrs. Bradley Larchmont the third comes into the shop with her poodle Giselle, she is charmed with the antiques on view, particularly sleeping Grandpa. She want to buy him! As her offers go higher and higher, Lizzie is tempted because of all the splendid fantasy things she could buy with the money. But she knows that none of her exotic purchases would be of any use without Grandpa to enjoy them with her. She stands firm that he is not for sale, and Mrs Larchmont goes off in a huff! The illustrations are marvelous, the shop in tones of gray and white, while the human characters and Lizzie's fantasy sequences are portrayed in riots of colour. Lots of imagination and fun in a book with an important moral. Available in the UK from Gazelle Books (email:, Tel: 01524 68765).
Age: 5+