It's an aardvark-eat-turtle world ISBN: 9780340795422
Danziger, Paula
Published by Hodder, 2001
In this witty, realistic sequel to 'The Divorce Express', it is Rosie who takes centre stage. Best friend of Phoebe, heroine of the first book, Rosie has a white mum and a black dad (absent) and so is a nice chocolate colour according to 'the little nerdlet' with whom she babysits. When Phoebe's dad and Rosie's mum decide to get together and make a new family of the four of them, the girls are at first ecstatic. What could be nicer? Best friends to sisters in nothing flat. But it is not long before major problems develop. Phoebe has never really dealt with her parents' split, and she has become selfish. As a result, she refuses to accept any remonstrance from Rosie's mum. Things go from bad to worse, and when on a trip to Toronto, Rosie meets and starts going out with a boy, Phoebe announces she's going back to live with her own mum and her horrible husband in New York City. Things are worked out - sort of - but as Rosie says, 'It's not so easy making happily ever after work'. The boy/girl relationship is a gentle affair and very loving. Danziger writes with great truth, and because she usually writes in the first person, we learn much about the inner feelings of her characters. Rosie and Phoebe are both well observed.
Age: 11+