Lilac Peabody and Honeysuckle Hope ISBN: 9780007137749
Dalton, Annie and Griff
Published by HarperCollins, 2005
This book could have gone into two further categories: bullying and death. Honeysuckle's mum has died after a car accident just before her 8th birthday, and she and her dad are bereft. But while dad picks up his life again and eventually finds Ellie, whom he marries, Honey turns sour and difficult. She tries to make life miserable for Ellie, particularly when baby Joe arrives. She also becomes a bully at school and loses all her friends. The little fairy-like creature Lilac Peabody tries to help, but is repulsed, and it is only when Honey herself decides that she wants to change back to 'nice Honey' that Lilac, as well as her friends and family can help her. Lilac Peaabody is the catalyst in these stories, but it is the children themselves who must make the changes. A short, easy read, with lots of black and white illustrations.
Age: 8+