The dad dilemma ISBN: 9781853408304
Cross, Rhiannon
Published by Piccadilly, 2004
This with-it, jazzy, teen-cool book was written by a 14 year old, and the style and language reflect this. Millie's parents have been divorced for four years, and she lives with her mum and her new partner during the week and with her dad at weekends. But when dad starts making excuses for not seeing her, she begins to wonder what is going on. Abby, dad's new girlfriend, is a huge shock. Millie instantly decides she hates her - for no reason - and she and best friend Patrick come up with some truly unpleasant ways of breaking them up - which they finally do. But Patrick, who has become more than just a friend, helps Millie see how unfair she is being, and she must confess all. There's lots of teenage talk about boyfriends among Millie's gang of friends, and while the feel of the book is funny and light, the emotions are realistic. Millie is mixed up - about her relationship with her dad and about her own love life. In fact, a normal, hormonal 13 year old, but one who almost wrecks two peoples lives. This will be an author to watch.
Age: 11+