One mum too many ISBN: 9780749743222
Bryant, Ann
Published by Mammoth, 2001
The first book in the 'Step-chain' series about children in step families. Sarah resents her dad's girlfriend, Amanda, because she believes that Amanda is the reason dad left home. Her resentment and jealousy are very real, and her behaviour quite abominable. The whole theme of the book is Sarah's reactions to Amanda and her two daughters, and, later, to Steve, her mum's boyfriend. Her reactions are very believable, but the parents and their new partners handling of her are almost too good to be true. All is well in the end. Good psychology on how to handle a child full of anger and grief, but it would take almost superhuman people to be able to do so. There are a number of other titles in the series: You can't fancy your step sister; She's no angel; Too good to be true; Get me out of here; Parents behaving badly. The series is aimed at young teenagers, so they are not always completely appropriate for the under 12's, but the style is easily read - a sort of pop literature - and, I suspect, will be hugely enjoyed.
Age: 10+