Healing the pain ISBN: 9781405204323
Bryant, Ann
Published by Egmont (Step-Chain series), 2003
When Granny moves out and Ben moves in to live with mum, Ashley and Kieran are horrified. He isn't their dad. Dad lives with Eve and their two children, and Ashley and Kieran have been pleased with life with Gran and mum. But Ben asks lots of questions and wants to help with homework, and tries too hard to be part of the family. The children become difficult and even rude, until Kieran falls under Bens's spell when he helps him become better at sport. Ashley, who tells the story, finds herself fighting a lonely battle. A real, stroppy teenager this one! There is a happy ending with everyone accepting, but not before lots of angst and worry. This is one of an extensive series of books about youngsters in step families, a sort of chick lit for pre-teenagers, and while they show some signs of the speed with which they've been written, they are highly readable and will be enjoyed particularly by girls. The emotions are heartfelt and recognisable.
Age: 10+