Max and Sadie ISBN: 9780192725332
Bedford, David and Lavis, Steve
Published by O.U.P., 2005
Max and Sadie are little polar bears, but in reality they are little people. Max is older and sometimes finds Sadie trying. When he wants a swim, mum must feed Sadie; when he digs a hole for a snow den, Sadie leaps on it and spoils it; when he runs off, Sadie follows him. Max is very fed up, but when he sees a snow storm coming, he shows Sadie how to help build a snow den so they can be safe. Sadie is scared and wants mum, but Max reassures her, and when mum finds them, it is clear that Max and Sadie have much to enjoy together. '"Wow!" said Sadie, "You're brilliant, Max!" The cuddly illustrations, full of whites and blues and greens are evocative of family life everywhere in spite of the arctic setting.
Age: 3+