Flip and Flop ISBN: 9780340787991
Apperley, Dawn
Published by Hodder, 2001
Flip is 5 and Flop is 2, and everything Flip does, Flop wants to do too, sometimes not too successfully. The fact that they are penguins, Flip a purple one and Flop a blue one, is beside the point. These are children, plain and simple. While they have invented games together and usually get on really well, sometimes Flip wants to play with his friend Hip (a polar bear), and Flip find Flop 'a bit of a pest'. A sad Flop wanders off, discovering that playing on his own isn't much fun - only to meet Hop, younger brother to Hip. And not only do they have great fun together, but when they go back to their brothers, all four invent a new game. The strong simple lines of the illustrations, along with glowing northern colours, make this very special.
Age: 2+