Ms Cliff the climber ISBN: 9780140378795 (ppbk)
Ahlberg, Allan and Wegner, Fritz
Published by: 
  • Puffin/Viking, 1997 (ISBN: 9780670865918 (hdbk))
  • (ISBN: 9780140378795 (ppbk))

A dotty ramble through the complications of relationships with Clara Cliff, a lady who spends all her time climbing. She first marries Clifford Clamber, and they produce Clarissa. However, trouble ensues, and after divorce and a spell of being a single parent, Clara meets Claude with three children of his own. All the various relationships become a bit of a tangle, but through it all runs a gentle reminder that 'life has its up and downs'. There is nothing about how Clarissa feels about the disappearance of her father or the advent of her new step-family, but the theme is very much acceptance of the ups and downs of life Clever and detailed illustrations.
Age: 5+