Anna/Bella ISBN: 9781416904731
Swift, Amanda
Published by Simon & Schuster, 2006
This is chick lit for pre-teens but with real significance. Annabella has become a split personality: Anna when she's staying with her mum, Bella when she's at her dad's. Six months before the beginning of the story, just as she was starting secondary school, her parents divorced. She spends half the week at each, and this has come to mean that at mum's she is arty, wears old clothes and enjoys time with her old best friend Eve. At dad's she is Bella, wears designer clothes, wants to be an actress and has a sophisticated new best friend Jenny. For some time she manages to keep her two worlds quite separate, though with difficulty and through telling fibs. It all begins to unravel when boys come into the equation. While Anna/Bella enjoys her two separate lives, she comes to realise that she is living out her parents' very different expectations of her, and they must face up to their responsibility for her problems. She is able finally to become Annabella again, and her two lives come together. Girls will love it!
Age: 10+