Dear Ms ISBN: 9780713660722
Poulson, Joan
Published by A. & C. Black (Black Cats series), 2002
The new teacher (Ms) has got all the children in year 6 writing each other - texting, notes and letters. The book is done in a series of graphics - squares and rectangles enclosing the messages, surrounded with tiny pictures relevant to the text. I found this style confusing in the beginning, but no doubt children will cope more easily. We meet Kate, whose father has left and whose mum is depressed and upset. Her best friend Mandy is a tower of strength. David's parents have split too, and he is new at the school and very lonely. Steve becomes his friend. There is lots about football (Mandy is a whizz!)and the friends help each other and especially fat Tracy, a really sad character who ends up in care. The unusual format will appeal to reluctant readers, as well as the 'cool' language.
Age: 10+