Mum and dad split up ISBN: 9781844930203
O'Loughlin, Elizabeth and Adams, Kayleigh
Published by Pangolin Books (It Happened to Me series), 2005
One of the strengths of this book is that we never see the child involved. It could be of either sex and, therefore, useful to either. We are told the child used to live in a happy family, but gradually 'or perhaps it was only yesterday', mum and dad stopped talking and laughing and playing with the child. He/She heard the parents fighting and saw them sad and angry. The child is sad and frightened, and now he/she must live in two homes. Perhaps it is all his/her fault. But gran says no. Gran is the person the child can talk to and explain that he/she feels like a bottled-up fly, flying round and round but getting nowhere. Gran understands and encourages him/her to make friends who have similar problems. Gran sees the child getting angry and aggressive because of the fright and tells him/her that the fright will go away one day. 'I hope she is right. She says she is sure, and she will be sure for me until I can be sure for myself.' Beautifully written by a psychotherapist with much experience working with children. The illustrations, by a child, are full of sadness. An excellent story for discussion purposes.
Age: 5+