We are fostering ISBN: 9781903699430
Camis, Jean
Published by British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), 2003
This is such a good idea! Children who are permanent members of a family that is fostering must need help to understand and deal positively with what can be a traumatic experience. This workbook, designed to be used by parents (and possibly a social worker) with a child to prepare him or her for fostering and to support them through it, should, if used consistently, be of real service. The introduction makes it clear that a parent will need to spend considerable time with the child and the book and gives good advice on the best approach. A booklet slotted into the back cover gives further guidelines. Sections to be filled in and thought about include: Things I know about myself; My family and what we are like; Sharing and what this means; How we became a foster family; Having children come to stay. Being honest about problems (some of them pretty terrifying) and giving the child 'permission' to be angry are important points, but there is a great deal more besides. Photographs are to be pasted in and sometimes certificates, etc., so the book ends up as a scrapbook - a good reason for the strong spiral binding. An excellent tool for helping prepare children for fostering. Available from BAAF Publications, Saffron House, 6-10 Kirby St., London EC1N 8TS or from Tel: 020 7421 2604.
Age: 8+