My big (strange) happy family! ISBN: 9781406300789
McCombie, Karen and Monks, Lydia
Published by Walker (Indie Kidd series), 2007
The family split in this easily read story interspersed with fun font changes and dippy black and white illustrations, has happened well in the past. Indie is completely used to having two homes, one with her animal-loving mum, and a second with her dad, his wife Fiona and her half-brother, Dylan. But what she doesn't like is her parents sniping about each other to her. A family project at school brings all this out, and Indie decides she must find a way to make her parents friends again. Several tries (and disasters) later, she is no closer to her goal, but when Dylan spills the beans as to why Indie is upset, her parents realise their mistake. They have thought they were just joking about each other, but they promise Indie not to do it anymore. Lots of humour softens the 'pill' of a serious intent: parents should never slag off each other to their children.
Age: 8+