Sam Sticks and Delilah ISBN: 9780744554526
Hendry, Diana
Published by Walker, 1999
Sam's parents have 'split'. Mum has gone off to Scotland to live with someone called Uncle Roger, and Sam and his dad must cope alone. They aren't doing very well, and to top all their problems, Sam's Irish Setter, Delilah, is proving a major difficulty. She is only a year old and still puppyish and naughty, and Sam's dad doesn't have the time or energy to deal with her. Sam is miserable. He tries to run away with the dog, but they don't get far. Dad finds the solution in sharing Delilah with the large, untidy family across the street. Maggie Dobbles is in Sam's class at school, but he has never responded to her interest in him and Delilah. Now he must share his beloved dog with Maggie and all her family. Delilah is delighted, but it takes time for Sam to learn that not only Delilah but he himself can share in the warm-hearted family life. Short, well written, and very good on Sam's feelings about his 'banana split' family.
Age: 8+