Rainy day ISBN: 9780385409810
Haughton, Emma and Rinaldi, Angelo
Published by Doubleday, 2000
Quite a sophisticated approach, this picture book shows us Ned and his father sharing a very wet day together. We hear in the beginning that dad has a new apartment, but it is only at the end of the book that Ned tells his dad how much he misses him, and we realise that Ned's parents are newly separated. The two of them are having to get used to a new sort of relationship: 'Things will get better,' said dad. Ned smiled. 'I know,' he said. 'Rainy days aren't so bad. And they don't last forever.' The sensitive art work focuses on Ned and his dad, and the dark, smoky, misty colouration depicts both sadness and strength.
Age: 5+