When mum and dad split up ISBN: 9780340778999
Ely, Lesley and Phillips, Mike
Published by Hodder (Little Wise Guides series), 2001
In a series of black and white cartoons and text, 'separation' is defined, sadness accepted, and three big problems that need courage discussed. These are: changes, big and little; losing things (and gaining others); feeling alone - as though no one else has ever been through this. The next chapter called 'Confidence Power' is all about self-esteem and how encouragement gives us the positive feelings we need. Then there is a section on Jack and Em's family's split. The emphasis here is on the fact that what the children say is not always what they feel, and that grown-ups need to act like grown-ups and not depend on their children for emotional support or to 'get at' the other partner. New partners are also considered and the possible emotional responses to them. There is a section on the legal aspects of separation, explained at a simple level. Finally, there is emphasis on talking things through - with friends, grandparents, etc. A page of notes and a ten point plan for parents will be useful. Parents should take the advice in this book too!
Age: 7+