Ugly mug ISBN: 024112777
Dalton, Annie and Aldous, Kate
Published by Hamish Hamilton (Antelope), 1994

Ned and Rosie's parents have split up, and since then, Ned has had a strange dream. His grandfather, who has died but whom Ned loved dearly, is in his garden, and he gives Ned a little bird. The dream recurs every night, and seems to be part of Ned's adjustment to his parents' separation. Rose reacts to the separation by being overly bright and helpful, but Ned has become sullen and difficult, particularly when they must visit dad in his new flat. When he and dad find a baby bird in the street, they bring it home, they believe, to die. But the little bird survives, and in caring for it and preparing to free it, Ned and Rose and their dad become close again. Grandpa's magic has provided the answer. Short novel; black and white illustrations.
Age: 8+