Grandma's Bill ISBN: 9780750003070
Johnson, Jane and Waddell, Martin
Published by Macdonald Young Books, 1991
Bill goes to see his Granny every week. One day he sees a photo and asks who it is. 'It's Bill,' says Granny, which confuses the little boy because he is Bill too. It is his grandfather, of course, and Granny gets out her photo album to show him other pictures. The rest of the book is a leisurely look at Bill's grandparents, parents, and himself- all dressed appropriately to the time and in appropriate settings. In an interesting format, the photos dissolve into larger pictures of street scenes, weddings, etc., and young Bill sees his grandmother's memories. Old Bill must use a stick after the war, and he gradually becomes frailer, finally having to use a wheelchair. When he disappears from the pictures, young Bill understands he has died and asks if everyone was sad. Of course, says Granny, but she still has two Bills - one right here, and the other in the photo album. Outstanding in both words and pictures, setting life and death in an historical family scene.
Age: 4+