Granny the Pag ISBN: 9780241135495
Bawden, Nina
Published by Hamish Hamilton, 1995

Catriona's grandmother is certainly unusual. A distinguished psychiatrist, she is also untidy, smokes incessantly, and rides a Harley Davidson. Cat's parents are actors, and they dumped Cat on her gran when she was very young. She calls her gran 'the Pag' as a family joke (a mis-spelling of pig), but it has come to mean a strong and important person to Cat. When Cat's parents find themselves settled because they have permanent jobs in a soap opera, they want her back. She is horrified. Pag is home so far as Cat is concerned, but her gran is loath to take her own daughter to court. A visit to her 'lovey' parents makes Catriona even more determined to stay with Pag, and she sees a solicitor on her own. The ending is a happy one for Cat and her gran, but not before there has been much angst. Pag's unusual life style is called into question, there is bullying at school which must be sorted, and solutions don't come easily. A most provocative story about a child's right to choose with whom she lives.
Age: 10+