Milly, Molly and Jimmy's seeds ISBN: 9781869720070
Pittar, Gill and Morrell, Cris
Published by Milly Molly Books, 2003
One of a series of books about two dolls, Milly and Molly, one white and one black. Originating in New Zealand, the series, translated into many languages worldwide, is written 'to promote the acceptance of diversity'. In this story we meet Milly and Molly in their multicultural classroom where the children are worried about Jimmy who has begun missing school - Jimmy who never misses and is always 'right in the middle of everything'. Most of all Jimmy loves gardening. When their teacher must explain to them that Jimmy has died in hospital, the children are shocked and deeply saddened. Miss Blythe helps the chidren mourn. Taking one step at a time, the children put flowers on Jimmy's desk until they are ready for it to be removed. While they are clearing it for Jimmy's mum, they find a packet of seeds, and having asked permission, Milly and Molly plant the seeds in the school garden. One plant grows particularly strongly, and soon there is a bright, yellow sunflower 'right in the middle of everything'. An excellent book for use in class, with good coping strategies and a sensitive handling of a tragic loss. The pictures are warm and accessible.
Age: 4+