Carly's luck ISBN: 9780749731038
Anderson, Rachel and Van Straaten, Harmen
Published by Mammoth, 1997

Carly is a thorough tearaway. She is rude and obnoxious, and when her mum becomes very ill and has to go to hospital, Carly is taken to foster parents. The McVities are warm, loving and very fat, and Carly immediately nicknames them the Bears. Whatever she does to be unpleasant, the McVities seem to accept and she comes to like their dependable ways and their huge meals. Even when she causes a flood in their tidy house, there is no blame. As mum gets better, Carly must accept that she will have to leave, and she surprises herself by realising she doesn't want to. The McVities are supportive as always, and she knows they will be there to back her up. The McVities are almost too good to be true! This short novel with good line drawings will appeal, partly because Carly is such a rebel and partly because her situation is very recognisable.
Age: 8+