Kate smokes cigarettes ISBN: 9781842341087
Amos, Janine
Published by Cherrytree (Bodymatters series), 2002
One of a series aimed at younge teenagers. The facts are laid out in short sentences and basic vocabulary, and each book has a storyline. In this one, Kate begins to smoke because her friend's older sister offers her a cigarette. She is soon hooked; after all, her mum smokes. Soon Kate is spending all her money on cigarettes, but when her grandad develops throat cancer, she decides she must stop. Her withdrawel symptoms are very unpleasant; but when mum tries to give up the habit of a lifetime, she finds it almost impossible. Very good on the different ways people approach giving up tobacco and their various problems. The series as a whole is marred by psychedelic, colour-enhanced photos that turn faces blue, green and splotchy and by some rather messy over-printing of text. A pity, because the information is useful and quite powerful. Included are a glossary and a list of useful organizations.
Age: 11+