Luna Loves Library Day ISBN: 9781783445486
Coelho, Joseph and Lumbers, Fiona
Published by Andersen Press, 2017
Luna certainly does love library day because it means she can spend time with her dad. This is a mixed race family, white mum and black dad, and because of either separation or divorce, Luna spends much of her time with mum and special times with dad. She always takes her book bag, her library card and her books to return when mum drops her off at the library. She and dad have a lovely time finding all the books they especially enjoy, and the best one of all is about a queen who is a mermaid and a king who is a troll; they argue a lot and can’t get along, but the one thing they always agree about is their little mermaid princess daughter. The troll king leaves, but: ‘My love for my princess daughter swells my heart with the force of the tides. My love for my princess daughter has depths that no hole can hide.’ Luna and her dad love this story best of all, and they share a big hug together in the library arm chair. The wonderful thing about this picture book is that the ‘special’ story is set inside the story about Luna and her dad in the library, attached firmly to it but of a different size and print, making it special indeed. The illustrations are beautifully warm and moving, and this is a special relationship between the little girl and both of her parents, who have handled the situation with love and consideration, thinking of her first.
Age: 4+