All About Ben ISBN: 9781785924996
Markham, Dorothy and O'Donnell, Aileen
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2018
Aimed at children with 'attachment issues', this book is all about 8 year old Ben and his different parts. He tells us he has outside parts, like his hair and eyes and ears, etc, inside parts, like his muscles and veins and bones, and he has 'feeling parts' as well - things like happy, sad, angry, excited, hurt, caring, tired, scared and frustrated. We then get examples about each of these feelings and how they make him react. When he isn't allowed to go out, he gets angry, when he helps other people, he feels caring, when it is dark, he feels scared, and so it goes. All of these parts go to make up Ben, and he is as he is. He also has action parts, and these often happen when one of his feeling parts has taken over. When he and his friend fall out, he hits him because he is hurt; when he is happy, he likes to use his singing and hugging parts. There are little exercises - questions and answers - to use with children being read to, and we learn about the importance of talking and listening to those who can help us when our feelings get out of hand. He says, 'Sometimes I don't know how to ask for help,' and he needs to be reminded that 'all of my parts are okay and that I am safe and loved.' A lovely, simple story with jolly, comic-style illustrations that will prove useful for any child who has control issues of any kind. Available from Amazon, from book shops, and from the publisher:
Age: 5+