Living with Mum and Living with Dad: My Two Homes ISBN: 9781406341768
Walsh, Melanie
Published by Walker Books, 2013
The little girl is quite matter-of-fact about her parents living arrangements and hers with them. At mum's house, she chose yellow paint for her room, and in dad's apartment on the top floor, she chose flowered wall paper. She leaves some of her toys in each house, but she carries her favourites from place to place. She has a night light in each home, because her parents know she doesn't like the dark, and both parents take her on outings at different times. When she is in the school play, they both come, but don't sit together, and if she is missing one or other of them, she can always talk to them on the phone. She knows she is well loved by both parents and her large extended family, whom we meet in her photo album. The book is a large, square size, and the illustrations are confident and happy with lots of large flaps to open. The whole tone of the story is one of a child quite used to the fact that her parents no longer live together and that things have been sorted out with her in mind. An excellent book for children who may have got through the initial upset of the family split and are now accepting the status quo, trauma over.
Age: 3+