My Secret Dog ISBN: 9781785924866
Alexander, Tom
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017
This is a wonderful, funny book about having secrets and telling lies and their consequences. The little girl has always wanted a dog, but as she and her mum live in a flat, mum has always said it wouldn't be fair to the dog. When a dog follows the little girl home one day, she doesn't intend to bring him in the house or give him something to eat, or hide him in her cupboard, but she does. He becomes her 'secret dog'. All goes well for awhile, but when she takes him to school, she ends up in all kinds of trouble, and when she leaves him at home, he makes a big mess of the house, and mum thinks they've had a burglar. When she finds out about the dog, she laughs, but explains to the little girl that it really isn't fair for the dog when they are both out all day. Having got into all sorts of trouble trying to hide the dog, the little girl agrees, but is sad. They find him a good home, and are happy to know he will have a good life. Mum is able to explain just why secrets and the lies she has told at school are not a good thing, and the little girl has learned an important lesson - except for the nice twist at the end! A charming book full of black and white illustrations - all very angular with lots of lines - this will be enjoyed by newly confident readers who will like the idea of having their own very secret dog, even though it may not be very practical! Available from Amazon, from good book shops, and from the publisher:
Age: 7+