Interrupting Chicken ISBN: 9781406340310
Stein, David Ezra
Published by Walker Books, 2012
The little red chicken reminds her papa that at bedtime she must have a story. He is quite willing, but says to her, '...of course you are not going to interrupt the story tonight, are you?' And she promises. However, they don't get far into Hansel and Gretel when the little red chicken shouts out, 'Don't go in! She's a witch!' Little Red Riding Hood and Chicken Little suffer the same fate and papa says there aren't any more stories and the little red hen should tell him one of her own. This she does with gusto, and soon papa is snoring away. Even though little red chicken is an interrupter par excellence, she has a point. These stories sometimes need to be shortened and made clear by those who don't like possible scary endings. Little red chicken may need to learn not to interrupt, but she also needs some new stories that aren't quite so well known! The illustrations in this picture book are a delight, with lots of warm family settings and a quite different style for the telling of the familiar fairy tales. I liked the little red chicken and her papa, and it will make a great bedtime story for those who, perhaps, know the fairy tales rather too well.
Age: 4+