The Hog, the Shrew and the Hullabaloo (A Harry & Lil Story) ISBN: 9780571316960
Copus, Julia and Seo, Eunyoung
Published by Faber & Faber, 2015
Harry and Lil are wonderful! I've not come across them before, but this story of a large, hairy hog and a very small shrew is a delight. Harry hears a terrible noise in the night. Whatever can it be? Because he's scared, he phones his friend Candy Stripe Lil, who isn't afraid of anything. She comes immediately, and there follows a string of animals making their own noises, none of whom make the noise that has frightened Harry. There is an answer, of course, and it's a good one! And Harry turns the tables nicely at the end. This is a lovely wheeze about being frightened of noises in the night and then finding out there is nothing to be afraid of, and the pictures are brilliant. Full of tiny details that will keep children amused and chuckling for hours whilst they also learn that night noises are often not what they seem, they match perfectly the rhyming text.
Age: 3+