I'm in Charge! ISBN: 9780857636447
Willis, Jeanne and Jarvis
Published by Nosy Crow Ltd, 2017
Little rhino is a seriously naughty rhino. In wonderful rhymes that make a play on the word 'charge', Rhino announces even from birth that he is the one 'in charge' of the forest. And 'charge' he does, even knocking an elephant into a pond! But that 's not all he does. He won't go to bed or do anything his parents tell him, he stamps on baboon's banana when he won't give him half; he charges the meerkats and frightens the giraffe. But one day when he finds a mango tree full of ripe fruit and refuses to share it with any of the other animals, he is so busy eating that he misses the fact that a herd of wildebeest are about to run him down. They miss him but trample down the tree and all its fruit! 'So Rhino learnt his lesson like all little rhinos should, and put himself in charge of being VERY VERY GOOD.' A brilliant cautionary tale that should have all little rhino-types learning a lesson. The illustrations are great too - funny and warm and rather loveable.
Age: 3+