Today I Feel . . .: An Alphabet of Feelings ISBN: 9781419723247
Moniz, Madalena
Published by Harry N. Abrams, 2017
Because this is an alphabet of feelings, there are many, many of them, some of them rather unusual. For instance, B is for Brilliant and Y is for Yucky! Z is for Zzzz and the little boy pictured in each of the illustrations is asleep. But there is J for Jealous as well, and G for Grumpy and lots and lots of others. The pictures are super and will provide much to talk about. Some may need a little gentle explanation, but most are self-explanatory. A great introduction to the alphabet, the book will also provide lots of ways of talking about feelings and emotions. Each two-page spread has the same format. For instance, the letter P is for Patient, and the large letter on the left is made of puzzle pieces, while we see the boy on the right making a giant puzzle very patiently. It is all most effective and beautifully done. Full marks to both author/illustrator and publisher for this original book!
Age: 3+